Friday, September 13, 2019

Weekend job search - literate tactical move

Long New Year holidays for most - a time of long-awaited rest and relaxation. But just those things for which there is absolutely no desire to undertake, and it is necessary to carry out in the first place. Only in this way can you grow and move forward. Holidays are a great time to look for work.

Learn to manage time
It is impossible to succeed without having minimal time management skills. Learning this is quite simple, you only need a sincere desire to understand this knowledge and put it into practice. Key skill - make a habit of writing down plans. Do not put off things, but do not take too much upon yourself, otherwise you will drive yourself into a dead end.

Learn foreign languages
Have you been going to study foreign languages ​​for a long time? What stops you all the time? Not enough time? This issue is resolved, as we already know. With the proper organization of the day, you can find time for everything that seemed unreal to you.

Keep fit
To do more, you need to keep your body in good shape. Believe me, you will have time for sports, as soon as you begin to adhere to the daily routine. You will feel confidence in yourself and your own strength in every sense.

Stay ahead while others rest, you can grab the most interesting option, because most applicants lose their vigilance during the winter holidays. Still want to be among them? No - then start your job search right now!

Long holidays - quick start

The Internet is full of tips on how to enter working mode after the holidays, this is one of the most popular requests in anticipation of the opening of not only a new working week, but also a new working year.

Popular tips do not work
Schemes for entering the operating mode are practically all the same and are based on traditional recommendations for restoring sleep, diet, and a complex of relaxing procedures. However, no one talks about how this “long-awaited” first working day of the new year actually goes.

Having read the useful recommendations, only three out of twenty will try to put at least some of the proposed into practice in order to enter the working regime and start the working year productively. But the attempt is far from the result. Only one daredevil who will last for a couple of days will start a new week as it was said in the instructions.

Don't wait for a miracle
So what to do? What is the secret of people who quickly start after a long vacation? And there is no secret, just there is willpower to pull yourself together and work with dedication, while enjoying the work done.

Start your morning with a charge
Regardless of whether you already have a favorite job or are in search, the morning of a successful person begins with physical exercises, and not with a cup of coffee and leisurely gatherings at the table. Wake up your body, make it work, overcome your fear, start without thinking to do a warm-up and you will feel the strength to continue. The task is to awaken the internal energy resource.

After the first working days, summarize what you have done. If you realize that you just did all day that you were going to start something, first of all you should reconsider your relationship with time. This your “good” tradition of putting off until later will not bring results. The effective person’s first half of the day is setting goals, and the second is their implementation. Otherwise, you will stagnate endlessly in anticipation of comprehending some magic secret of a quick and easy start.

Make a plan
Devote the evening of the first working day to planning your week, distribute your forces and energy resources between work, useful hobbies and physical activity. Designate a minimum plan for every day and follow it daily.

Holidays have vacations, not everyone had a strong motivation to conduct job searches even on weekends. The official first working day for most organizations in our country is the day when there are fresh vacancies that can be seized by showing willpower and overcoming one's own laziness. You should not miss a real chance to find a job or change a pretty tired one.

Knowledge of a foreign language opens up new perspectives

It is always much easier for a person with knowledge of languages ​​to find a job than for someone who does not have this knowledge. For some, learning languages ​​is a hobby. It should be said that this is one of the most useful hobbies. It is easy to turn into a profession.

Gorod in its database of vacancies has a huge number of job options for polyglots in different cities of our country.

The very first thing that comes to mind is the work of a translator. This profession has been and remains one of the most sought after and highly paid. So, a translator may be necessary in the field of voiceover and duplication of text in the film industry, a translator in the classic and familiar sense for us is a person who helps to communicate, or a translator of texts on a remote site, a web designer and creator of infographics.

Work at your pleasure for those who know several languages ​​and want to spend time not in stuffy offices, but on travel, who want to discover new corners of the world, learn and learn the history of new places. That very happy case when the pleasant can be combined with the useful. And when you get tired of talking about places that are bored with your eyes, you can set off again and find a new, more attractive option, because time goes on and new and more attractive offers appear.

You can choose to work not on land but in the air - an option of air service in international airlines, you can choose to work on a cruise ship or on a ship. Working with the practice of the language with its native speakers gives you invaluable experience and professional growth.

IT industry
Here, knowledge of a foreign language is necessary. There are a lot of vacancies in this field for technical translation, negotiation and business correspondence with major foreign partners. The translator often manages to realize his language skills, coupled with basic technical education, in full in this area.

Teacher / tutor
For those who know the languages ​​it is not difficult to engage in the teaching of the language that he himself is fluent in. You can start small, for example, from private lessons for children, then go on increasing, to those who seek to change their country of residence, plans to visit a country other. Do not neglect the more classic version - the profession of a teacher / teacher of a foreign language.

Thus, as you can see for yourself, there is a fairly wide selection of areas of activity where polyglots can realize their linguistic potential for a decent reward.

Personnel in search of work

Those who do not yet have experience in this field should first of all carefully examine the responsibilities of the eychar. It is not worth hoping that this work consists solely in personnel management. Together with the professional title of HR manager, a whole mountain of responsibilities will be assigned to you.

Responsibilities of the HR Manager
The job search engine can provide detailed professional personnel instructions based on the real requirements of employers.

So, the job description of the personnel manager includes:

recruiting (staffing on several technologies);
conducting personnel management of the organization;
daily monitoring of labor market news and coverage of innovations in the legislation on CPD among colleagues;
corporate spirit development;
participation in regional job fairs, in meetings with students and graduates;
maintenance and delivery of monthly reports.
What are the specifics of the personnel officer
This specialty is one of the few that requires a continuous improvement in the level of professional qualifications. This is due to the rapidly changing system of legislation in the field of HR administration. Today, to help the personnel manager, entire reference and information systems have been developed to resolve labor issues and disputes, which greatly facilitates the work of even an experienced specialist. But the personnel officer must be prepared to analyze the changes himself, because not every company allows itself the purchase of a special system.

How to become a professional in your field
To work in the field of HR administration, you need to be prepared legally, psychologically, and also have an understanding of office management. The work of the personnel officer is entirely related to the execution of official papers, personal files of employees, official correspondence. Today, there are great opportunities for studying remotely in the required specialty.

Secret tricks
The benefits of those who already had experience as a HR manager are that they know the many tricks of professional bounty hunters. Therefore, the interview phase is safe. A much more responsible business is to be able to find an individual approach to staff, to establish relations with superiors. Because another unofficial function of the personnel officer is to become a competent intermediary between the leader and the ordinary employee.

How to quickly find a job

If you have been looking for work for more than a month, you can safely recognize your method as ineffective or upgrade your resume, ask quastion about it Because a month is a real term for successful employment. Search system provides more than a million relevant jobs, the database is formed from more than 180 sources. Today it is the largest employment sites, regional portals, employment centers and social networks.

Update CV
In order to increase the efficiency of the search and the transition from the words “I am looking for work” to real actions, some, perhaps even obvious things should be freshened up. The first thing is to update your resume, replenish it with the skills that were acquired at the last job. The modern requirement of HR managers today is an indication of professional skills. The section “Resume Samples” was created with the aim of providing a designer for each applicant who has not been involved in compiling and updating a resume for a long time.

Decide on a salary
It is necessary to objectively evaluate yourself as a specialist and add the desired salary to the resume. If this item causes you difficulty, you can resort to the help of the “Salary Calculator”, which will tell you the amount by which your salary should have been indexed for the period chosen by you. The section “Salary statistics” was created with the aim of compiling a holistic picture of the level of salaries in different parts of the country for different professions. The portal provides free data that helps both the applicant and the employer to understand “who costs how much” in the labor market today.

Sign up for the newsletter
So, in order to change the status of “unemployed” firmly entrenched in you to an employed citizen, you will not need much effort. If you register as an applicant on the portal and fill out the resume form once, it will be automatically published on several of the largest thematic sites you have selected. Enormous time savings and maximum results are possible in a few clicks! You can also subscribe to the newsletter in the areas of interest. You only need to configure filters as detailed as possible in order to receive fresh vacancies in the chosen specialty.

So, when a job search is carried out in a constructive manner, it always bears fruit. Despite the fact that this is a laborious process, modern technologies have done everything to facilitate this “job search”.